If you’ve got children or broken door stoppers, it’s likely that one day you’re going to have to fix a hole in the wall.

You may need the services of a handyman for a big hole or complicated repair job, but if you’ve only got small hole in your drywall then you can take care of this with a patch kit from a hardware store.

How to fix a small hole in the wall

 Before you start:

Make sure you keep a piece of the wall you’re about to repair because you’ll need it in order to colour match the paint once you’ve fixed the hole. There’s even a colour matching app you can download or search online for the most efficient way to colour match.


What you will need:


  • Paint – to match your existing wall
  • Paintbrush or roller – use whatever you have at home
  • An all-in-one repair kit – such as this one or this
  • An hour of your time

1: Clean the surface/wall

Put a sheet or protective surface on the area underneath the hole and then start by removing any extra debris or broken plaster that is hanging off the wall.

2:Put the patch on

Remove the adhesive from the patch and place it completely over the hole, if it doesn’t cover it all you’ll need a bigger one. Ensure you press it firmly to the wall so that it stays in place.

3:Apply the primer

The patch kit has the filler you need to apply over the patch.  Spread it thinner as you get to the outer edges and do your best to blend the filler into the wall at a similar thickness. Allow to dry for about 30 minutes.

  1. Time to sand


The kit you have should include the sanding pad or these are easily sourced at any hardware store. Use the pad to smooth and buff the filler you applied earlier. The aim is to sand well but making sure the patch you’ve applied doesn’t become visible.


  1. Remove excess dust


Find an old rag or cloth and wipe away any debris that you’ve created around the patch. During this process you might discover that the mesh patch can be seen, if this happens then you’ll have to reapply primer and then sand it back again.


  1. Paint the wall


Colouring matching is crucial when it comes to finishing off a patch job, well unless you want to paint the entire room. Once you’ve colour matched, get to work painting the sanded portion of the work, either use a brush or roller, whichever your preference.


Hint: Keep in mind that it’s easy for paint to drip or to accidentally knock over paint, even though you’re only doing a small repair job, so be sure to cover the floor with plastic or newspaper.


If this all sounds like too much hard work, then call Oliver from Select Maintenance on 0403 592 271 or send him a Facebook message and he’ll fix it for you.

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