When you’ve got plenty of spare time it’s tempting to throw yourself into DIY projects that you’ve been putting off. But you’ll have a much better outcome if you don’t rush into it and consider these 5 essential points.


  1. Perfect planning prevents poor performance

It can’t be stressed enough that having a good plan when attempting any DIY project is so important. While there’s likely to be hiccups you can’t always anticipate, being prepared is the best way to avoid complete disasters. Don’t just wing it, map out what you want to do, what you’ll need to do it and how long it’s going to take.

  1. Safety first

It should go without saying, always wear the appropriate safety wear and always treat a wire like it’s live. Make sure there is a First Aid Kit nearby and keep a mobile phone within reach. Cutting safety corners is a sure way to end up with a DIY disaster..



  1. Check out how-to videos and local classes

Before you attempt any job, no matter how simple you think it might be, see if you can watch a tutorial online or attend a workshop. A google search will show you all the local offerings for DIY workshops. Your local hardware store is a great place to start, but you may find other classes at community centres and of course there is always online tutorials on YouTube.


  1. Know when to hire a professional

There are some jobs that will require a professional or Handyman to complete. Not just for safety reasons, but legal ones too. Anything involving electrical, plumbing or structural changes needs to be completed by a pro. A complete disaster with these jobs may mean more than just extra time or money, it could mean electrocution or worse.


  1. Make a realistic budget

It’s the most common downfall in any DIY project and so often you hear people say “we completely blew out the budget”. Safety issues aside, the last place you want a disaster is in your bottom-line. Ensuring you have a realistic budget, including an accurate amount of time for professionals to complete their work, will mean it’s less likely there’ll be huge blowout at the end of the project.


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