Brick homes. Strong, durable…unattractive? There is nothing structurally wrong with having a brick home. In fact, there are many benefits to having a brick house but the thing is brick is just a bit dated and can be aesthetically unappealing.


So, what can you do to modernise your brick home? Many people would automatically say “render it” but that’s not the only option and not everyone is a fan of rendering. Plus, your budget might not extend to rendering the whole house.


  1. A lick of paint


The easiest way to change up the appearance of your brick home is to simply paint it! It’s more cost-effective than rendering, it’s easy to do yourself and it packs a mighty punch in appearance.

A couple of tips for painting brick; make sure the brick is clean and dry before you paint and hire a gun to spray with. The process will be so simple and fun you’ll argue over who gets to do it!



  1. Landscaping

You may find investing in new landscaping including plants, flowers, new walkways and pavers a cheaper, but just as effective, way to spruce up the curb appeal of your brick home. Clear out the clutter, upgrade your pathways with new pavers or stones, and plant some simple yet eye catching foliage.


  1. New doors, windows or panelling

Sometimes it’s not the brick that needs the work – and replacing doors, windows or adding shutters or panelling to the front of the house will dramatically change the appearance without having to touch the brick itself. You could even consider adding or changing the fencing of your property to modernise the overall look.

Of course, rendering is an option and while adding a modern twist to your home, it also provides a weatherproofing element and increases the thermal efficiency of your walls. If cost is a factor, consider rendering the front of the house and painting the rest of the brick in the same colour.


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