When you create a haven for kids in your backyard by building a cubby house, there’s less chance of them wanting to watch screens all day. As an added bonus, their imaginations and self-confidence will grow, as will their appetites.

Regardless of the size of your property, there’s a cubby for every space, the key is to make the most of the area you have available. Being able to see your cubby from inside your house also means you can keep an eye on what the kids are up to and they will feel more secure if they can see you.

Here’s 3 backyard cubby houses kids will love

  1. The Hut Cubby House – Bunnings $199

This is a basic cubby that you can paint in colours of your choosing or even create your own special theme for your little person. Think rainbow colours for a unicorn and fairy lover or maybe camo colours for that little adventurer.

Made out of timber, it weighs 27kg and it comes in a flatpack so you will need to assemble it or get a handyman to do it for you. It comes with a serving counter so little ones can play shops, schools or any game they can think of. With a swing door and closing window, kids are only limited by their imaginations.

Chippy tip: If you’re feeling particularly creative, why not make one walls of the cubby a chalkboard, you can buy this paint from your local hardware store.

  1. Little Tikes Build a House – Target $299

The beauty of this cubby is that kids can customise the look of the house with 25 interchangeable play panels and easy-to-use tools. Together you’ll have to assemble the house frame and roof, but once this is done kids can decide what texture panels, windows and doors they want where.

A fun family activity that promotes physical exercise, kids will get a kick out of feeling like they have built their own cubby house, with minimal help from the grown-ups in their lives. You can buy a battery powered kid-size drill or a use a manual screwdriver to attach the panels.

It can be taken apart and then re-made dozens of times in different ways, and it can be placed indoors during the cooler months.

  1. Backyard Discovery Scenic Heights Cubby House – Lifespan Kids $999

Packed with features, this cubby offers kids heaps of ways to play and will keep them occupied for hours. It includes a play kitchen, sandpit and even has storage for toys, balls and other outdoor accessories.

With spring loaded saloon doors, a built-in growth chart and wooden staircase and step ladder, if you can’t find the kids in the house it’s because they will be in this. Made with high quality and durable cedar wood, this cubby will last in the harsh Australian climate and age gracefully.

You will need to assembly this yourself or better yet, get Select Maintenance to do it for you in just a few short hours.

Chippy tip: If this cubby seems financially out of reach, why not ask grandparents or friends to chip in as a combined Christmas or birthday present for your kids. They’ll love the idea of your kids having something outside to play on.